This week’s items–Chicken

I love chicken! That’s kind of a lame thing to say, like “I love water”. It’s the backbone of many a family dinner chez W. We are well-stocked for all chicken-related emergencies. I suggest you stock up on chicken this week too. I would recommend both frozen and canned. I prefer frozen, honestly, but the canned stuff isn’t bad at all. Especially if you’re going to put it in something busy like a casserole or enchiladas. And canned chicken has the gigantic benefit of being shelf stable. No worries about the power going out and everything in the freezer defrosting. (Not to mention that freezer space is probably at a premium. I can’t fit everything I need in there!)

I’m not going to tell you how much to buy. Meat is expensive. I’m just going to recommend that you buy as much as you can afford (and have room for). Think about how much you spend on pizza/breadsticks/pop for one meal. Can’t you spend at least that much on chicken? I think that at least one big bag of frozen chicken parts would be nice. As well as a couple of cans of chicken meat per person. But again, this is up to you. Let’s prioritize.

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3 thoughts on “This week’s items–Chicken

  1. And don't forget the huge cost benefits of canning your own chicken when boneless-skinless breasts are on sale for $1.59 / lb! Somebody you know has a pressure canner, and chicken is easier than anything: Put the chicken in a quart jar. Add salt and spices only. Put on the jar lid. Cook at 15 lbs for 90 minutes. DONE!

  2. Meat and food storage just don't seem to mix for me! I have a few cans of canned chicken. They're probably expired by now because I just don't cook with it. And I can never keep enough frozen chicken on hand–it goes too fast. Sigh…

  3. I just made some really tasty sour cream chicken and grilled onion enchiladas using canned chicken a couple of days ago. Chicken is a good suggestion.

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