One month left

It is March 10th. I have one exactly more month of being 30-something. I never in my wildest teenage dreams imagined being this old. I could see myself being 26 and after that things seemed grey and hopeless.* I’m actually a teeny smidge excited. Mostly because I think I look pretty good for 40. I don’t know what all the women who lie about being younger are thinking. I’ve found that if you say you are older than you look, people really slather on the compliments, Which would you rather have?

I am 39 and that’s what I tell people:
“you’re almost 40? No way! You look fantastic!”

I am 39 and tell people I’m 32:
Response: “Really?”
[thinking: “Boy, she looks terrible for her age.”]

I’m going on cruise for my birthday with a bunch of my girlfriends. I’m trying to lose 20 lbs. in the next 30 days but I have the niggling feeling that I might not be successful. Not that it matters because I plan on eating A LOT over my birthday and gaining it all back.

*I wish I could tell my teenage self, who felt so unattractive and untalented, that at 40 I would totally be hitting my stride. Late bloomer, I guess.

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11 thoughts on “One month left

  1. I'm telling you, the 40's rock. What a great way to celebrate! And having met you in person, you DO look incredibly young, no one would EVER guess you are 39. Sill waiting for you to share your secret….

    Stopping by your blog today to get the herb bread recipe, I am ready to bake!

  2. The older you get, the easier it gets. I got a year and a half til the big 5-0. Now I tell people I am celebrating the 24th anniversary of my 24th birthday. Heehee.

  3. You not only LOOK phenomenal, you ARE phenomenal! When you were a teenager, I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined you as so beautiful and talented and creative and bold as you are now! YOU ROCK!

  4. I wish I could tell my teenage self, who was effortlessly skinny, not to take it for granted because by age 25 it would already be on its way out and I'd have to start dieting.

    I really never thought my youth would be so fleeting. Why didn't someone tell me to be more in love with my skinny thighs, firm butt, and fat-free stomach back when I had them??? I guess I thought I would always be that way. Or at least I wouldn't have to worry about aging until my late 30's. But by my late 30's, that great stuff has been gone for over a decade. And it's only now that I've lost them that I realize how great they were.

    I'm glad you, at least, are hitting your stride now when you can appreciate it. Youth was wasted on the young, in my case.

  5. I'm excited about our birthday too! In retrospect the idea of doing a marathon when we turn 40 wasn't so great. I've taken more ibuprofen in the past month than I have in the past 10 years. I think I'll set some sort of yoga goal for our 50th. Want to join me?

  6. A cruise? Where to and who with? Why didn't you invite me? I'm excited for you still. Happy almost 40th. You look magnifique!

  7. Late bloomer here too, Girl. Loving my 40's…think I could have been a lot more fun in high school if I could have gone with my 40-something year old self….;o)

  8. 20 lbs in 30 days? Are you nuts?

    And as far as looking young, all those times you HATED being mistaken for 15 when you were 22 are now paying off.

    As for me looking 19 at 14? Notsomuch.

  9. I was just joking with my husband about how young forty looks now. Surely I never thought of it as old, because it is totally young. Enjoy your cruise!

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