Gymnastics, Star Wars and other life-saving knowledge

York just turned 14 a couple of weeks ago. He’s is physically unable to smile for the camera so I figured I should spare you the ugly pictures of York scowling. I did manage to snap one decent picture of York with my camera phone over Christmas while he was geeking out with my Mom and showing her his new Sounds of Star Wars book. Yes, it’s a bad quality photo but he is actually smiling. Not with teeth or anything, but I’ll take what I can get (so glad I dropped all that money on braces).


York has such a strange and scientific mind. He doesn’t try to be funny, he just is. Really we laugh a lot because he’s weird. Last Saturday we were driving around and York made this announcement:

“The three most valuable skills to have if you were trying to defend yourself and your house would be Kung Fu, gymnastics and breakdancing.”


Not marksmanship or weaponry skills. Breakdancing.

“Because you could spin on your head while you kick people,” he continued.

He may be 5’8, wear size 11 shoes, and have to shave from time to time, but he is definitely still a little kid.

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9 thoughts on “Gymnastics, Star Wars and other life-saving knowledge

  1. He's as tall as me now! That's a nice picture of York and your mom, who seems to always be your number one blog commenter, even though you constantly talk about her. She cracks me up and I like reading her rebuttals. Sometimes I can't decide which one of you is the most humorous.

    Happy birthday to York!

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