The mystery called Mister

My husband, Mr. Jennie, does not like to be blogged about. He finds the whole idea of blogging to be egotistical and embarrassing. He likes people to think we are incredibly normal and pleasant. (Then what was he thinking marrying me, you are probably wondering. He asks himself that question on a weekly basis.)

What you may not know about Mister is that he is very funny. Oh, I’m funny too, but I like to think of myself as more of the witty sort. Mister is very silly and slapstick. He tries not to let other people know how funny he is (because being funny is fundamentally embarassing), but he makes me laugh a dozen times a day.

Mister is also the most thoughtful person I have ever met. He is just a nice, sweet guy. Some women like bad boys or guys who are total jerks. Not me. I tried to find the nicest man I could. The first year we were married I told my new husband that I wanted a fancy Coach purse for Christmas. As you can imagine, we didn’t exactly have the budget for that sort of thing (but as a newlywed that detail seemed unimportant to me).

Mister is one of those unfortunate people with a December birthday and at his birthday party our first year together, his parents handed him a big fancy Nordstrom box. He promptly gave it to me and said I should open it. It was the Coach purse. He’d sacrificed his own birthday present and told his parents to get me my fancy purse instead.

I was astounded and humbled. I would never give up a birthday present! Ever.

If that touching gesture weren’t enough, each year he has given me a present on his birthday. I guess to remind me what an awesome guy I’m married to.

This year we’ve had several dozen “discussions” on how poorly I treat every laptop I’ve ever had. How I tend to “destroy” them (FYI, breaking the screen is NOT destruction. Nor is frying the hard drive). Most recently I have had some “fragility issues” with my power cord. I may or may not have broken at least six of these things during my dazzling laptop career. Mister has had it up to here with me and my broken laptop cords (it’s really not my fault they are so shoddily made!) I will now be relegated to using the kids computer, he announced last week.

Which made his gift to me for his birthday this week that much sweeter.

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4 thoughts on “The mystery called Mister

  1. I remember you once telling me of your hubby's sweet gift giving to you on his birthday. That is just so dang nice! I love it.

  2. There is nothing quite like getting a gift to aid or enhance our technology products. I think that some of my favorite gifts from James have been things for my computer or new computers, ipods, apple tv, nanos, and of course each new iphone. I love me some new and upgraded technology items.

    Way to go Mister.

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