I would lose my head if it weren’t attached to my body

I’ve done it again. I’ve managed to lose something important. I don’t know how I can misplace every receipt that I MUST keep, but I have a whole purse filled with receipts from buying Mountain Dews at the 7-11. As of last month I am the owner of a 24×30 print of an ugly tree that I thought I might want for the frame. The frame turned out to be too small. Of course I bought it at a store where there are no returns or exchanges without the receipt.

Today I have lost a DVD from the library.

It was Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House with Myrna Loy and Cary Grant. I’m so in the mood to watch it tonight. The last place I saw it was in my car. I’m quite sure that every time I open the door that things fly out, never to be seen again. Sadly the Garfield DVD that we also checked out? I found that. The Best of the Wiggles (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one)? Found that too. But my Cary Grant DVD seems to have vanished.

How do organized people do it? How do they keep track of things? Am I destined to be a scatterbrain my whole life?

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6 thoughts on “I would lose my head if it weren’t attached to my body

  1. I lost something today too and I am so mad at myself. Ugh! I usually do a good job of keeping track of things, so when I loose something it torments me and I hash and rehash the last moments that I remember having it. So mysterious isn't it?

    I hope you find the dvd!

  2. I, too, have the same problem. My solution, find a place in your home that is specifically for library books (or anything library related). We have a designated library shelf. Any time we check something out from the library it is to be on the shelf if we are not using it. This has prevented damage, and the mad scrambling to find our books. Good Luck!

  3. I was bawling to my husband just last night about this very thing…not the Mr. Blanding DVD, but the scatterbrained, disorganized brain problem. No answers for you. I just recently read about the notion of "neuroplasticity"…so I do think change is possible, just very, very hard. In the meantime, good for you even going to the library! Not so many mamas do that. I consider my library fines an involuntary contribution to a great cause.

  4. I almost didn't graduate due to library fines at high school. I owe $26.72 right now to our local library cause I can NEVER find my books. I'm a lost cause too!

  5. You have to have "a place." Not that I'm any expert, but the things that I have managed not to lose were all put in "the place" that is specified for each category of important thing. If not, it has a 50/50 chance of survival.

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