Reason #3 I would make out with Costco if I could

I went to Costco last week and the checker told me my account was frozen. It turns out they froze it so the manager would be alerted that I had a gift card waiting for me. A gift card from Costco for $11.02 which they had overcharged me last time I shopped there.

That’s so odd I barely understand it myself. But it just reinforces my love for Costco.

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4 thoughts on “Reason #3 I would make out with Costco if I could

  1. When Similac was recalled, they called me to tell me to bring in all the Similac I had bought there, even the unopened ones, and they would refund my money.

    But part of my hates Costco. I feel like such a fat, American consumer drone as I push my enormous cart through the store and fill it full of bulk.

  2. I love being a fat, American consumer. I wish more countries enjoyed the abundance we do.

    And the thought of making out with Costco is difficult to visualize.

    But I get your point.

  3. Ah Costco! How I do love you. But I have to say that my AZ Costco was a much better boyfriend than the one we have here. I don't know who I need to write a love note to to get one up here, but I would write a million of them if I thought it would work.

    We need to start a campaign!

  4. That is completely random. Give you a heart attack and then it is for something good!

    After 15 years of marriage we are finally moving near a Costco. I am more excited than I should be about it. Kirkland brand, here I come!

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