No longer “app”rehensive

Excuse me for going AWOL. I finally, after months of hemming and hawing, got an iphone. My texting days of pressing the button three times to get an “s” are over. Praise be!

On top of that I had to get a new hard drive for my laptop. All my music was backed up on Mister’s hard drive (which he misplaced for two months!) but it was a complete mess when I restored itunes. I lost all my playlists (because of course my ipod died at this exact moment too). This has been very distressing to me because I spend a lot of times getting my playlists just right. They are finely crafted and the songs have to flow perfectly. I like to base my playlists mostly on my moods. Cheery music (both cheery classical and cheery vintage) and pensive music. I have my Western Swing playlist (Come on, I’m in Texas!), my workout playlist, my sassy playlist, my playlist for when it’s a sunny, beautiful day and I’m just in the best mood, my Jane Austen playlist, my playlist for when I’m making dinner (I have a couple of those). The playlists go on and on.

Have I mentioned that I pretty much only listen to old-fashioned music? (Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade/century. But then I think how much trouble I would get in for my smart mouth and how I hate being bossed around which would be my lot in life as a woman a hundred years ago. So then I’m really glad that I do live now.) Yes, I sound like an old grump when I hear those young whippersnappers and their crazy music (is it just me or does every song nowadays sound the same?) But I like what I like and so what if I pull up at the stoplight and have Fats Waller blaring? (Fats Waller is the best, by the way.)

That was a very long explanation for why I haven’t been blogging. Instead of blogging I’ve been trying to get my life in order, musically speaking. And I’m trying to figure out my iphone, which is only somewhat intuitive despite what my husband claims. I got a nice calendar app with lots of alarms since I have turned into a complete space cadet in the last couple of years. And I have the scriptures app so I can pretend to be following along in Sunday School but can really be reading about celebrity baby names (I never brought my scriptures anyway. Why should I? They always read the scriptures out loud.)

I know most of you are not Luddites like me and have had an iphone for years (including Mister who waited in line all night to get the very first iphone back in ’07.) What advice would you give me? What apps are your favorite? What can you just not live without?

P.S. I’m also over at Segullah talking about hating Utah. Sort of.

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11 thoughts on “No longer “app”rehensive

  1. Angry birds is really fun. Words with friends is too. (its like scrabble that you play between people)I have the scriptures (from it gives you the link to get them) I mostly have music and pictures, and games, I also only have a 8gb so it doesnt have much room to hold stuff. Good luck with it, its really nice to have.

  2. Jennie-

    Welcome to the Iphone.. its a great phone.. Here is my partially solicited advice…

    1. get some itunes cards from Costco, they are a bit cheaper there. Unless you going the free app route, which i did for about a year or so.

    2. goto, there is a iphone app also, but its 1.99. They monitor app sales and changes in app pricing.

    3. get the following way cool free apps..

    a. Shazam – for music tagging, getting the name of a song on the radio and giving you the title of it, so you can buy it later – free

    b. photoshop express – can modify pics on your iphone – free

    c. the google mobile app – sweet app. great on the go. – free

    d. istake app – love to have my complete stake directory in my phone, can call or map addresses, so helpful.. not free… but totally worth it.

    e. fandango – you get the picture there… free

    f. drago dictation – voice to text app, copy to email, sms, ect. – free

    g. card star – i store my library card, gym card, and a host of other card in there so i dont have to carry them around – free.

    Anyway.. this is a small samply.. but your gonna love this phone.. it phenom..

    take care, love the blog..


  3. Love this post, as well as your post at Segullah.

    P.S. Did your husband find a job yet? I've been waiting/hoping for good news for you!

  4. YAY for your new Iphone, although I am a little jealous! ;D

    And I am sorry about your computer and your iPod issues, but I hope that your playlists are better than ever!

  5. Western Swing? Really? My girls own most of my apps. They LOVE the Jewish Grandmother app. They just keep her talking for hours – and they roll on the floor laughing. Who knew?

  6. We like LDS hymns, flixster, IMDb, redbox, facebook, echofon, (all more or less useful) and
    airline USA, plants vs zombies, angry birds, ninjump (all time wasters) and
    tozzle, animatch, bloons, (to keep little ones occupied)

    My son accidentally erased my playlist off itunes and I can't figure out how to get it from my phone back onto itunes, so it looks like I will be replaylisting the hard way, too. Urg.

  7. Jennie,

    I would recommend Save Benjis+ for getting good deals, and Adam's Game and Adam's Art for your keeping Jasper and Ada occupied in a pinch. One could argue that I'm not an objective judge on the matter since I wrote the apps, but then one would be WRONG. 🙂 Seriously though I'd love it if you gave them a try. I can send Mister promo codes (so they are free to you), just let me know. BTW — Assuming I don't get swarmed with requests, I'd be happy to send anyone here promo codes for any of my apps.

    If you guys got an iPad I would recommend Double Across since you said you liked "Jane Austen" (It's a word game similar to scrabble that you get to play against famous authors like Jane Austen.)

    Ok that was quite a bit of shameless self promotion, but you did ask.

  8. I am still hitting the key three times to get an S, so can't help you out with your technology. someday…

    but I do have a request-being a music lover myself (I too am in the wrong generation) I would love you to share some of your playlists when they are back in action!

  9. My favorite games are Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, and a boggle-esque game called Scramble, I think.

    I also really like the Flixter movie app. It gives you movie listings locally, lets you buy tickets, gives you reviews, a synopsis, and even lets you watch the trailer. Very handy when you're in the car and suddenly decide to go to a movie.

    I also just found a square foot gardening app. I haven't bought it yet, but it looks really promising.

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