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  1. I clicked your Segullah link, and it did NOT take me to your article. I got a guest blog from someone else. Where is this article?

  2. I'm only leaving this comment because it's kinda snarky.
    Has your friendship with L. (above) become stale so that you've directed her AWAY from your post on stale friendships?!

  3. Hi Jennie,
    Tonight, I read your comment on my blog and thought, "A celebrity read my blog."

  4. Just curious, did you write that post for me? Cause you know that subject has been SO on my mind lately.

    I can't wait to read peoples' comments.

    (I wish I had a secret place to write about stuff like that without everyone who reads my blog reading it. If you know what I mean.)

  5. Your article made me laugh and kind of kick myself at the same time. I love having friends and I also like getting together with them, but I feel kind of torn in most situations that involve friends from before I was married. I feel like I was the different person trying to fit in or find me, so there are just a few of those friends that I would drop things for or make "spa" plans with.

    I think that it is funny to see the way things have changed between people as we get older. I have one friend who I met in 7th grade, she and I talk often and I feel like things between us are similar and we always pick right up from the last time, then there is a friend that I had in high school and whom I went to college and roomed with, got married a month apart from, and I feel completely detached from when we do communicate. I am not sure why that is but I really like the idea of amicably ending the awkwardness between two people that have changed so much over the years.

    terribly sorry that this comment was so long, you just sparked something I have been thinking about for awhile. Thanks.

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