Friday night boredom

Soooo, I’m home on a Friday night.  I am officially a loser.  Mister and I are fanatical about date nights, but we already had one this week.  And I had to run the last-day-of-school party gauntlet which meant dropping off and picking up all evening. Plus I did Activity Day.  Plus I squeezed in swimming with the little kids.  I was pretty much a great, selfless mom today.  I will be making up for it tomorrow when I neglect my kids in order to paint the mudroom-to-be.

Another interesting and unrelated tidbit I haven’t mentioned is that my mother is moving down here at the end of the month.  She currently lives in Salt Lake but will be moving to Austin since I have more grandchildren than the other people in my family combined.  

If you don’t know my mother your reaction is probably something like, “wow, that’s so neat.”  If you do know my mother your reaction is probably more like, “ooooooh, really?  How are you doing with that?”  My mother is, how shall I put this . . .  eccentric. To the max. I’m not going to give you any more insight into my mother than that because she reads this blog every single day and will probably scold me for whatever I say.

I think it will be a lot of fun.  Especially for the kids.  They are so excited to have Boppie around.  I will let you know how it works out but we’re going to have to develop some sort of code so that my mother doesn’t know we’re talking about her on this blog.  Anyone have some ideas?

The two of us will be driving a moving van down at the end of the month.  It will be 27 hours of the most boring scenery our fine country has to offer.  I can already smell the awesome blog posts, though.  

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11 thoughts on “Friday night boredom

  1. Man oh man I predict some funny posts in the future! Maybe you could just block your mom from your blog so the rest of us can enjoy the stories 😉

  2. oooh! A U-haul adventure! (I'll kill myself BTW if I ever have another one of those)

    Congrats on surviving the last week of school. Let the games begin!

  3. I don't envy you with the cross country drive. No thanks. But, I do think it's awesome your Mom is coming out – and I do know her 😉

    We'll just plan a monthly trip to Cheddars so you can have a release and keep us all laughing at the same time.

  4. I happen to know your mom, and while I admit she is indeed um…eccentric (weird, actually) she is also extremely loving, fun, uninhibited (that's what embarrasses you) intelligent, creative, always eager to help you with any project, tend your kids while you are on vacation, sew your curtains and bedspreads, recover your couch, belly-dance for your friends, read science fiction novels to your teenagers, cook your dinner occasionally, is cheerful, helpful, friendly, irreverent, faithful, loyal and trustworthy (as long as her memory is holds out).

    But she might actually feel crushed if you mocked her peculiarities for the world to see. So maybe you should just gather an email list of special and interested readers, and send them all your unquestionably hilarious renditions of her crazy actions in a way she will never discover.

    So, special readers, send Jennie a personal email to join her ragging group.

    Anonymous (right!)

  5. Dear Anonymous (who may or may not have given birth to me),

    I haven't poked fun of my mother ever on this blog and I won't start now, but there will be ample opportunities. Even she must admit that. People think weirdness is funny. I can't change that.

  6. Good luck. I have always believed it best to live 1-2 hours from your parents. Although the 14 hour (if you fly) distance I live is not fun.

    Your not-too-anonymous commenter was hilarious. If this is a portent of things to come, please count me in on the secret email list 😉

  7. Gotta love Aunt Lorie. 😀

    That's crazy that she's moving to Texas. :O But it'll be nice to have family close by.

  8. What are you talking about? Our mother is utterly normal in every single way. I can't think of a single story to tell about her that is funny or intersting.


  9. I lived 10 minutes from my mom for the first 5 years of my married life…then we got smart and moved to Texas. Space for me was needed, and boy did we get it.

    I love my mom, but I am really impressed with those that can live very near family and not have issues. I hope you get to have some great adventures with her when she lives here.

    Also I just made the TX to UT trek for the first time in a car and we made it in 19 hours…seeing as you will be in a moving truck I just wish you the best, because 27 hours is a long time.

    Good Luck and you know that I want to be in the loop if you do decide to vent about family, I like to hear that other people have issues in their families and mine is not the only one.

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