And now for the talent portion of our competition

So do you think you’re talented?  Completely missed out in the giving-of-talents?  Maybe somewhere in between?

That’s what I’m talking about today over at Segullah. It’s especially for those who are “not so talented”.

P.S. The great giveaway (featuring my talent for making not-very-important things) ends tonight at midnight.  Enter here!

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3 thoughts on “And now for the talent portion of our competition

  1. You know, you should do a talent day on your blog, where everyone who reads you gets to do a shout out to their own talents. I love how your Segullah post made all your readers think about the things they are good at.

  2. Well said Jennie, I think that talents are a tricky thing. They may mean one thing to one person and another thing to someone else, but as you get older and life changes and we change I think that the talents that "didn't really count" seem to be the ones that shape and define us to a certain extent.

    By the by I love that you can chit-chat away. Maybe that is one of the reasons that you are so likable.

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