It’s 10 am, do you know where your swimsuit is?

The babies have swimming lessons at the public pool for the next couple of weeks.  Their lesson overlaps with the opening of the pool at 10 am.  Today I was surprised to notice the large number of people standing at the gate waiting for the pool to open.  Moms with little kids!  Who does bathing suits, sunscreen and snacks before 10:00?  I mean, this is Texas so it’s plenty warm (85º at the start of swimming lessons), it’s just that summer is for lolling around all morning.  Why, just today I got dressed in my workout clothes then got back in bed to enjoy a cupcake for breakfast.  (Before you scoff at me, I did work out afterwards! And it was a very small cupcake).  

If you’re swimming at 10:00, what will you have left to do at 3:00?  Personally, I prefer swimming after 4:00 because it’s even hotter then, and it’s late enough that we don’t have to use sunscreen.  Putting sunscreen on six bodies just about kills me (It’s one of those mom things that drive me batty beyond belief.  Also see “making school lunches” and “giving kids baths”.)


Jasper has yet to poop in the toilet.  Pooping in underpants is so much more enjoyable, in case you didn’t know.

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7 thoughts on “It’s 10 am, do you know where your swimsuit is?

  1. I'm all about the early morning swim. i'm one of those who is showing up at 10. But, then again, I also only have 2. My kids get up so early that by 10am I'm wanting to shoot myself so we have to have something to do! Maybe i'll see you at the pool. Ty is taking swim lessons again this week.

  2. I can relate with you on the pooping in the underwear, my son loved that too. He would hide when doing it, and the smell would drift through our large house and I would be able to detect it. My husband was in disbelief when I would announce John had pooped, and then go off for the hunt. My sense of smell got more intense with pregnancy and still is strong. Lucky me!

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