Ever so modest

I’m over at Segullah today writing modestly about modesty, that fun Mormon topic. But someone keeps jacking with the site, so it’s giving a malware error message on and off today. Our brilliant webmistress is on it, so if you get the malware message just go back later.

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6 thoughts on “Ever so modest

  1. Congrats! Your post got someone quitting Segullah!

    I have your next subject matter to write a post on. Little kids getting up in testimony meeting. Like 10 in a row and all saying the same thing.

    "I'd like to bare my testimony. I know the church is true. I love my family and they love me. I know Heavenly Father is a prophet. NameaJeaChristamen." All I hear (in the same sing songy pentameter), "I am brainwashed". It makes me want to skip fast Sunday all together.

  2. Fantastic post! I'm one of those "girls who don't have garments shouldn't have to dress like they do" believers also. Nice to see I'm not the ONLY one. Growing up a non-member, my highschool girl-friends use to HATE me. They wore temple-ready everything! You should have seen my backless prom dress! 😉 It was awesome!

  3. Such and interesting and timely topic for me. I've spent many hours explaining all aspects of modesty to my girls and thus far it has not been a huge deal around here. My biggest frustration is having YW's leaders who dress very provocativly. It just seems so inappropriate. Yes, their garmets are covered, but they do look like hookers. Sigh.

  4. Glad you had to address that one—I don't like to—uh, uh, no I don't.

    BUT you did a great job, which is one of the reasons why I gave you a special award over on my blog—come lickety split and check it out!

  5. Wow, Jennie! 60 plus comments on Segullah, and in only one day!

    Would you like me to send you a long stick and a spare hornets nest?

    You must not have had a spare minute today to scoop up any poop.


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