The handsome chef

Mister is all about breakfast on the weekends. Not only is it his favorite meal, but he is a great cook.  His waffles are so good that his office has requested that he make them once a week on “Waffle Wednesday”.  I’m quite partial to his Kielbasa Eggs (growing up in Detroit gave me a hankering for Kielbasa as often as possible).  But his Swedish Pancakes are definitely everybody’s favorite.

Thicker and springier than plain old crêpes, they are rich and buttery and utterly delicious. (Are they actually Swedish? Don’t know, don’t care.) I like to eat them with strawberry jam (low-class but tasty), but one of the kids usually makes a lemon sauce to be slathered on and topped with powdered sugar.  Fresh berries are great too.

Unfortunately Mister is very protective of his recipes so the closest you’ll ever get to eating these lovelies is by staying at our place some weekend.  They’re almost worth sleeping in a house with six early risers. 


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7 thoughts on “The handsome chef

  1. Oh great Caesar!! Those look so yummy. I also LOVE breakfast food. I think that I should start dropping hints to Mister that I would really like to make those for myself…and since we are no longer in the same ward, or stake, there is NO competition whatsoever. Well knowing my luck and lack of skills in the kitchen they probably wouldn't even be half as good as somebody else making them.

    And what is this about your kids making the lemon sauce? I am so confused, they cook too? Amazing. How do you do it?

  2. You guys have been holding out on me! I have known Darren for like 15 years now and I'm pretty sure I've spent a weekend or ten at your house. And I have NEVER had his Swedish pancakes! Or his waffles. (Although kielbasa eggs are a breakfast staple around here now). Please make sure he makes them next time we're down there. I'm checking airfare now.

  3. This is NOT Nicki. It's Mom writing from Nicki's computer.

    Would that be Grandma-Lorie's lemon sauce always served with her Bisquick crepes? I'll bet D—- (er) Mister's Swedish pancakes are a thousand times better. See you in September, and this time, MISTER makes the breakfast!


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