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Like most girls growing up in the late 80’s-early 90’s I had a soft spot in my heart for Harry Connick, Jr. He was the essence of the debonair, romantic gentleman who would be coming along to sweep my off my feet any second now. But his music framed a couple of my doomed relationships and now half of his stuff makes me want to throw up (nothing personal, Harry! Just a lot of oogie memories.)

But I’m a jazz lover. Especially retro/vintage/croony-ish jazz. Pop music bores me in general, but give me a swinging beat and a voice like velvet and I’m right at home (I would say I was born in the wrong decade but I’m much too outspoken and sassy to live back in the good ol’ days.)

I love to spend lazy days perusing itunes and I was pleased to find a few dandy new/old singers. First let me introduce Tony DeSare. He’s from Glens Falls, NY (right down the road from my old home in Schenectady). I have no idea how old he is, but he looks pretty young. I’m sure the Harry Connick Jr. comparisons are getting tiresome, but he’s so similar they can’t be helped (he plays the piano and sings big band!) He doesn’t just stick to the old-timey tunes, though. He’s got a swinging hot version of Prince’s Kiss. Check it out for yourself here!

On the girly front, let me guide you to Emilie-Claire Barlow. Like most super-awesome people she’s a brunette (sorry blondes! You may have more fun, but we’re just more talented.) She’s also Canadian, so a few of her songs are in French. A couple are also, inexplicably, in Portuguese. Whatever. Emilie-Claire has a lovely, breezy quality that makes her songs so charming and irresistible. C’est Merveilleux (try to spell that without spell-check) is one of my favorite songs ever! All of her songs are on itunes so give her a listen!

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7 thoughts on “Harry and friends

  1. I have seen Harry in concert twice. Two of the best musical orgasms of my life. My husband is in love with Harry and it is agreed between the two of us that if Harry comes to the front door asking my husband to run away with him, I let him go. There are few people in this world that are as talented as Harry.

    Thanks for the musical recommendations. I need more music like this and less Lady Gag Me and Beyonce.

  2. List-y comment:

    1. My family (dad's generation and a wee bit before) is from the Glens Falls area. Best pair of skiis I ever owned was from a shop in Schenectady. Props and Hollerrr.

    2. I just bought a cd (yes, I'm still at that phase) — Rebecca Gruber (out of this world); you likey jazz? You likey this.

  3. We are huge Harry fans over here. Matter of fact, that picture you found looks like he has a new album out??!!! Thanks for finding the other two artists and making the recommendation. I was diggin' that verison of KISS.

  4. Is that how you spell Schenectady??? I had no idea. I would never call myself a jazz fan because there are way too many horrible kinds of music that fall under the jazz category (cool jazz, free-form jazz, etc.), but I do like some big band-ish types of jazz. So I'll check those out.

    I also need to get you a copy of my friend Leena's husband's sister's CD. Her name is…um…I forget. But she's fantastic and I think you'd like her. She's very jazzy and has an amazing voice.

  5. Mom from Nicki's computer:

    Poor Harry can just eat the comparisons and like it, seeing as how he was always and forever doing the same to Sinatra. In fact the other day I heard Sinatra in some store, and sighed with recognition — until he got jazzy, and IT WAS HARRY! Good lookin' guy, FANTASTIC talent!

  6. Harry C. J. sings? lol. I just like to stare at him. I'm only joking about the singing. I love his voice and haven't been jaded.

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