Moonwalk into eternity

I haven’t liked Michael Jackson for, oh, quite a while now.  But I must pay my respects to the Great Gloved One.  He holds a special place as the first celebrity whose poster hung on my wall. I’m ever so grateful we didn’t end up together (12-year-old me thought we would make quite the smashing couple).

Plus “Don’t stop til You Get Enough” is a total kick-A song.

The funny thing is that Mister’s first “poster person” was Farrah Fawcett in her nipplelicious red swimsuit.

Quite a sad day on Memory Lane.

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5 thoughts on “Moonwalk into eternity

  1. this was TOTALLY MY FIRST POSTER IN MY ROOM!! we had it in the closet because my mom wouldn't let us put it out in our room on the wallpaper, so my sister always felt like mj was watching her dress and undress…..



  2. They didn't have posters in my days. But you could send off for an 8X10" glossy black and white of your favorite star. (Mine was Elvis, and I was 13.)

    I'm sorry Michael died before he made more recordings. He really was an enormous talent, even if he sounded like a girl and lived his last decade in scandal. His songs are among the few I don't get tired of when I hear them on my exercise i-pod for the 50th time.

    And poor Sarrah. Ain't the world a stage, and aren't all of us just players? We enter, we perform well or badly, we exit. Doesn't matter if we were the most famous, important person on earth. Do you suppose it will become legendary that Michael is really alive and in hiding somewhere? Bet it will! (Or maybe, as in MEN IN BLACK 2, he's gone back to his home planet.)

  3. Jennie, I hate to tell you this but I had that poster in my room, not you! And I used to stare at it every night thinking how completely gorgeous Michael was. I think you're just jealous and remembering it wrong.

  4. I bought that poster with my own money from Spencers! I gave it to you when I my love for Wham! eclipsed my love for Michael Jackson.

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