Ahhh, politicians

Well, surprise, surprise, yet another unfaithful politician. I’m beginning to think that a monogamous politician is the exception to the rule.

I’m just glad his wife wasn’t sitting there with a fake-smile-of-support plastered on her face. I hate to see that. I also hate when they give a really gentle public statement. If I were a governor/senator’s wife I would issue a statement like this:

“My husband is a cheating snake. If I don’t strangle him it will be a miracle. I wish him well to pursue all the skanks he’ll be pursuing anyway. And I just want him to know, publicly, that I plan on getting every penny out of him that I can.”

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12 thoughts on “Ahhh, politicians

  1. i was a little annoyed at his priorities – "i hurt her (his mistress), all of you (south carolina), my wife, my boys." real nice buddy – apologize to the mistress first. Not winning any points from anyone on that one!

  2. Having to giggle in agreement with the above comment–yeah, it is a little un-recommended to apologize to the mistress first…


  3. I think his wife handled it quite well (publicially that is). She probably threw something at him. 🙂

  4. I'm getting so fed up with politicians. Is it asking too much that they follow the laws and have some sort of moral compass? It seems the ones who aren't cheating on their spouse are cheating the system and vice versa.

  5. Been stalking for awhile, but that made me laugh, so thanks for putting into words what those smile-of-supports really mean.

  6. LOVE IT! Lady, you would be the BEST person to sit next to in RS – or anywhere! Thanks for the giggle =)

  7. That's a great public statement! I think you should get into the business of writing for politicians' x-wives.

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