This week at the multiplex

In the last eight days  I have seen not one, not two but four movies at the movie theatre.  I’m pretty sure it’s my lifetime record.  Two of the movies were with my kids, so it’s not like I was all footloose and fancy-free. Here are my pint-sized reviews in order of worst to best:

Terminator: Ugh.  Although I’m not a huge fan of the explosion/robot genre, I do like a good apocalyptic tale. This, however, was lame.  No, make that LAME.  There was the barest wisp of a plot, and lots of odds and ends that made no sense. Add to that Christian Bale who apparently can only speak in a surly, extra-gravelly voice (think Batman) and one of the biggest set-ups for a sequel ever to be filmed and you have yourself one waste of a movie.  Why did they even bother making this one?

Night at the Museum 2: Uh, yeah.  If you saw the preview for this, you know exactly what it’s all about.  If you liked the first one, here’s another two hours of the same. There are a few scenes where the artwork at the Smithsonian comes alive and it’s quite clever.  And Amy Adams was darling as Amelia Earheart.  Still, save your money and take your kids to see this at the dollar theatre.

The Brothers Bloom:  Ooooh, I loved this.  Quirky and offbeat and charming.  A bit like The Royal Tenanbaums, but with a dash of suspense and action thrown in (and better clothes). This is probably not going to be at your local cinema, but it’s worth the trip downtown to see it.

Up:  If you have little kids, this is a no-brainer.  But I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this movie.  I’m not a crier, but this movie had me in tears in the first fifteen minutes.  And at the end.  And in the middle.  But it’s also funny and clever.  This movie is a real treasure.  The highest compliment I can pay is that it’s a kid’s movie that doesn’t have to resort to farts and sassy back-talking to get a laugh. (P.S. The Pixar short before the movie is outstanding too.  How can they make something so wonderful with the main characters being clouds and storks that never speak?) Run, do not walk, to see this!  Even if you have no kids, or just a bunch of petulant teenagers.  Everybody will enjoy Up.

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7 thoughts on “This week at the multiplex

  1. Loved the Brothers Bloom, too!

    I still like Christian Bale—so I had to kinda like that one—and yes, Museum—-YAWN!

    Can’t wait to see “UP”–but my hubby and young one are out of town, so will have to wait…

    By the by—don’t know if I’ve groveled for you yet—-I was just wondering if you could visit my blog and vote for me for the June best blog on MMB! I REALLY need the votes—as most of the gals have Utah BFF’s on their side…

    Thanks a ton!!!

    And you can vote everyday!!

  2. Agreed on Terminator. Best part about that movie was the company. 🙂 I haven’t seen the others…but UP is on my list so I’m glad to hear it’s worth it.

  3. Thank you for the reviews! My husband has been trying to take me to see the terminator and now when I say no and he asks why I can say because Jennie said it was LAME!

    And I will save Night at the Museum 2 for a rental.

    And I might just have to check out Brothers Bloom.

    As for UP. I COMPLETELY AGREE!! LOVED IT! Even my 1 year old daughter sat through the entire thing. (Of course she yelled LOONS! (Ballons) a lot during the movie…)

  4. WOW am I ever glad to read YOUR movie reviews! I WISH YOU WOULD PUBLISH THEM ALL FOR EVERY MOVIE YOU SEE- since you see ALL of them with Mister.

    I will run and not walk to see UP and the Brother’s Bloom, and I will even go back and watch the Royal Taunenbaums.


  5. That’s good to know about Up. I saw one review that said it was good, but not up to the usual Pixar standards. so I’m glad to hear you liked it. Maybe we’ll go for FHE.

    I’ll have to see if the Brothers Bloom is coming. It’s not here yet.

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