11 thoughts on “Pondering on a Sunday

  1. Depends on how quiet they are while I am trying to take a nap!

    (did you vote for me?—don’t forget!—heh, heh)

  2. Absolutely.

    If you need justification:
    1. They are playing TOGETHER
    2. Families are forever, so it’s good to practise
    3. Better than using rocks.
    4. Deciding “yes” than “no” means you don’t have to get up, argue, confiscate, dry tears etc.
    5. Spontaneous play should be encouraged.
    6. Leaving them to it means you can eat good stuff without sharing, and maybe even have a nap.

  3. I can’t stop laughing! A tired mother is the world’s best rationalizer. I’m with all those other gals (especially on fighting the fiery darts of the adversary. GO GET EM!)

    And how wonderfully DEEP of you to Ponder on the Sabbath!

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