Why Delta is sucky

So the trip to China is out. Mister did get a valid passport finally, but we decided that two weeks of vacation in this economy is crazy. It’s a long story, but it would not be a good idea for him to be gone from work that long. However, one week would be fine. So where shall we go?

I called Delta Airlines to check how many miles Mister has and, depressingly enough, his 240,000 miles expired last month. Last month! But for $1900 we can buy them back. Isn’t Delta sweet to offer that to us? Of course Delta is now charging 90,000 miles to go to Europe anyway. Last year it cost 70,000 miles.

I was beginning to freak out and curse Delta when I just happened to notice on my computer that British airways is having a sale to Europe. Brace yourselves for this: A roundtrip ticket from Houston to London is $76. Yes, you read that right. $76. Tax is $343, though, so it’s not quite the steal you’d expect. But you’d have to pay that even if you got a frequent flyer ticket.

Knowing Mister, he’ll think about it for so long that all the good airfares will be gone and we’ll end up spending a weekend in stupid San Antonio. 

P.S. Guess who will never be flying again on Delta?  That’s right–nobody in my family.  And out of spite (and solidarity) I urge you to think twice about flying on Delta as well.  It’s not like they ever have the cheapest airfares anyway.  Stupid jerks.

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12 thoughts on “Why Delta is sucky

  1. well just over $400 is pretty great. When James and I went our tickets were almost $700. Maybe now is a good time to head over seas.

    I think that Delta should call you a few months before you miles expire and remind you so you can plan an awesome vacation, and use all your miles in one fail swoop. I don’t enjoy dealing with airlines at all.

  2. Oh—-spend the extra money and go to London! You won’t regret it!

    I love London…it is amazing!

    I only got to spend two days there and fell in love.

    Go, go, go!!!

    (by the by—if you need a great B-n-B type place—nice people—e-mail me—walk to train—short cab from the airport)

  3. Are you saying Mister has to be talked into going to London? That sunshine is really getting to him. You MUST take him to some overcast weather…pronto. (A little Spanish lingo in case you’re not close enough to the border…)

  4. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

    I’m absolutely FURIOUS with Delta! I think I’ll cancel my flight with them just to let them know how wretched they are. (But only because I can get a cheaper flight to Austin this week on Southwest, and Delta has already changed my schedule twice.)

    Well, since they are so close to bankruptcy, no wonder they didn’t forewarn you your freebee miles were almost invalid. I’ll bet if you had a gun, you would have shot them!

    So, am I coming in April after all? Better make up your mind soon!


  5. I’m not too pleased with US Air at the moment either. When we flew on USAir at Christmas they not only charged $$$ for drinks on the flight (even water!) They also charged me for each and every suitcase. As if carrying my suitcases isn’t enough of an honor as it is!

    I never thought I’d see the day when Southwest was the luxurious airline.

  6. Listen – I fly Delta because I know one of the head mechanics. Period. I trust him. He is the biggest geek in the free world but he can fly a big jet and he can fix anything on it and he won’t sign off on anything unless he’s seen it himself. That’s my only security. I am a big flying baby.

    All the airlines suck.

  7. Eek! I wish I had seen this before I booked a flight on Delta last night.

    And sorry – but being a hub I don’t think I can shun them. If I ever want to leave SLC again.

  8. I have never liked Delta. For some reason, and I’m unsure why…I’ve always stuck to United. I wouldn’t say they are fantastic, but I haven’t had any problems with them either. AND, when I went to use my frequent flier miles…NO hassles.

    Ari told me about the frequent flier mile dilemma…that seriously SUCKS!

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