Caution: Lame weekend ahead

Last week was a pretty fun weekend.  Mister and I went out with friends on both Friday and Saturday.  Both dinners were great (Friday at Bess Bistro–one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a long time–and Saturday at Threadgills). Friday we also had the awesome pleasure of watching James Galway play his solid gold flute.  Seriously, he plays a solid gold flute. And he’s Irish.  So it’s pretty much for sure that he’s actually a leprechaun.  Mister didn’t even complain once that he was going to have to listen to flute music since we went with the Dimons, our friends who are both fun and funny. (Thanks for hooking us up with tickets!)  To make the weekend completely great, it was also Stake conference.  Church was only two hours, not three, and we were done by noon.  Normally we’re out at 4:00, so I actually got to take a long, luscious nap.

This weekend we have no plans with any other couples, and no fun things on the schedule.  Unless you count the homeschooling teen get-together this evening which seriously cuts into my date night.  Can you imagine how fun the homeschooling teen get-together will be?  India has fun with the other nerdy kids, though, so we always try to go.

Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to run some errands tomorrow.  It’s shaping up to be a non-stop party, I’m telling you.

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One thought on “Caution: Lame weekend ahead

  1. WHAT! How can you discount Finn’s birthday next Saturday?! Or do you count only current weekends on your Fun-onometer?

    Which reminds me, what would Finn like for his birthday. Speak soon, or he’ll get plain old money.

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