Chocolate Awareness (brotherly love edition)

I can get lots of cool things here in Austin, but one thing I can’t get is Mast Brothers Chocolate. So I am telling you about something that I’ve never actually eaten. Despite that little detail, I am very in love. These bars had me at hello. Look at these beauties!

I went to the Mast Brothers website to find out if I could buy some online (answer: no), and was intrigued, make that fascinated, by this picture of the brothers on their main page. Doesn’t it make you want to know more? Who are these people making the chocolate?

Despite this picture, they are not Amish. They are 30-something brothers who look pretty normal the rest of the time. They make the chocolate from bean to bar. The brothers buy the beans, roast them and make chocolate from scratch. Utterly fantastic.

Their info page is delightfully vintage. I so love it when people do things that are weird and different in a wonderful way.

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7 thoughts on “Chocolate Awareness (brotherly love edition)

  1. PS – you need to add an email address to your blogger account (get one just for your blog ;D) so that I can email!

    I wanted to email you and find out if you have you heard about the lights out tonight…not sure what the official name is, but you are supposed to turn off everything between 8 and 9pm. Save the world and all. I thought I would let you know in case you wanted to turn every light in your house on. My husband is making me wait to do laundry and turn on the dishwasher until 8pm tonight! He is even contemplating stringing Christmas lights outside. I thought you would enjoy that.

  2. Those chocolates are beautiful–such a great idea for packaging.

    I’m sure that you will get to taste them some day…

  3. The packaging looks as delicious as I’m sure the chocolate is!

    I just checked, and it says online shop coming SOON. They must have heard the wailing!

    Chocolate like that is a huge problem with living in Australia – there is none! For the vast majority it’s quite average chocolate, displayed for attracting greedy 4 year olds =(

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