Somebody get me a baseball cap–STAT!

Oh my heavens, I just got the most horrible haircut.   Actually, the cut itself is just fine.  It’s my brilliant ideas that are so hideous.

I’ve noticed several starlets sporting sleek bobs and have thought “what a nice change from all that layering nonsense! That’s just what I need!”

Only I’m not a starlet.  I’m frickin middle aged.  Did you know me between 1983 and 1992?  Then you’ve already seen this haircut and you know where this is going. The big change from before is that I look

100% frumpy

Like the “before” picture in a Ladies Home Journal makeover.  
Like a middle-aged woman who has no sense of style.
And that, sadly, appears to be the truth.
P.S. Don’t even ask for a picture.  That is simply not happening.
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7 thoughts on “Somebody get me a baseball cap–STAT!

  1. I saw that haircut on you for years and I never thought it was frumpy. Is it because you dont’ have bangs now? Because I have a bob and I like it!

  2. How can you say that about your hair and then just leave everyone hanging? I bet that Mister loves it, if it is shorter like you say.

    Well why don’t you give me a little hint and tell who the celebs are that you are taking pointers from.

    Or maybe you could just say who your stylist was then I could get the inside scoop from them. Honestly I am dying here.

  3. I’m sorry! I just cannot stand it when I don’t like my haircuts sometimes either. I’m so picky about it, so I feel your frustration. The good news is that your hair will grow! Plus bad, frumpy hairstyles will make us appreciate the “okay” and good cuts somehow. Really awesome haircuts are extremely rare, in my opinion.

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