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I went to see that Shopaholic movie last weekend. (Mister so loves movies he will see absolutely anything that I want to.)  The books were cute and fun, but I can’t say that I enjoyed the movie.  First of all it’s about a British girl.  But you know Hollywood; they had to go and turn her into an American.  Ugh. I hate when they do that. Here are some things I learned from this movie:

1.  I really, really wish I had red hair. 

2. I don’t care that much about clothes.  Since most everything I wear comes from Costco, Kohl’s or Steinmart, I can’t fathom spending $120 on a scarf.  Or any clothing item for that matter.

3. This movie stressed me out to no end.  It’s all about credit card bills, debt collectors (remind me to tell you about my $150 pizza sometime) and spending money foolishly–all things I’m rather well-acquainted with.  

Save yourself the $8.50 and rent a decent movie instead (My sister mentioned Waitress the other day and I realized I hadn’t see that in a while. You should see it if you haven’t) or go see Slumdog Millionaire (which is erroneously rated R. Trust Me.)

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  1. I was nervous about watching it since I LOVED the books so I’m glad you already went, now I don’t have to waste my money on it! Ben and I saw Slumdog last week since both you and Ari raved over it and loved it.

  2. i went to slumdog just because jennie told me to–and i didn’t regret.

    i would almost “turn” for isla fisher.

  3. ps sorry i’ve been such a slacker on the food storage thing–i will be better. i’ve got the backpack and phone list, just working on the cash–

    wanna loan me some at a really low interest rate and i can pay you back when the apocolypse hits?

    just saying.

  4. I can’t believe Slumdog got an R rating. It’s INDIAN, after all. They don’t make dirty movies. It got Raves from Time Magazine.

    It must be that modern “good is bad” thing where people don’t consider a movie serious unless it’s rated R. So, often they put trash in an otherwise good movie just so it will get the R rating and be taken seriously. A POX on them!

  5. I have been wondering about this little movie myself, I am glad that you went and made Mister go too. Now I feel like I have the low down on it, I can dream of beautiful red hair and not be stressed out while watching it in the theater. I do have to say that is funny that it made you tense just by watching others debt. You are funny.

  6. Actually, the actress is Aussie, but I’m just a weird fanatic that way, so don’t hate me…and I agree with you—why NOT let her have her own accent?

    Also—-LOVED Slumdog—absolutely shouldn’t have been rated R. But then I’m one of those bad LDS’ers that see R’s once in a while.

    Well—you can come down and visit me, ok?

  7. I haven’t even heard of that movie! I must be totally out of the loop. But I’m sure DH has seen it becuse when he has nothing to do, he goes to some website where they have pages of movie trailers and watches them all.

  8. Thanks for the review, I now know to wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it from redbox for a dollar, lol! I’m disappointed that they changed it to an American girl, part of the charm in the books is that everything was British!

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