Hap Val Day

Technically it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  But if you have kids you know the real Valentine’s Day revolves around class parties; thus Valentine’s Day is, for all practical purposes, today.  I’ll be making the rounds later on to watch my children get completely strung out on sugar and red dye #12. I’ll also be stealthily comparing looks with the other moms which will make me feel both happy (love those moms who waited til they were 40 to have their first child!) and anxious (hate those moms who had their first and only baby at 18 and are now looking hotter than hot. But who cares because I have way better skin. I mean, everybody notices your skin, but how many people notice your stomach? That’s what I tell myself.)

Here’s our contribution to the elementary school sugar rush: cookie pops. For the first time we live in a state where homemade goodies are allowed to be passed out at school, so I’ve got to take advantage of that. The kids picked out the Valentine’s treats based on looks alone, so they don’t taste too great (can you say bland?).  But you know kids, if someting’s sweet they’re suddenly not so picky.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a few grown-up treats from Etsy (but they’re cute enough that you could use them year round.) If you want to know more just click on the item’s caption.

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8 thoughts on “Hap Val Day

  1. What a good mom you are! I love doing Vday for my family, but secretly hate the class parties. I love how happy my kids are about them, but the novelty has worn off now that my youngest is 9.

    The cookie pops are dang cute!
    I totally bailed on the food storage thing as my husband has been laid off and now we are living on the fruits of your labors from last year.
    I’m grateful to be somewhat prepared and appreciate your nudge in getting me started.

  2. This is your mother. I know we love each other, but why do you suppose we BOTH TOTALLY forgot each other for Valentine’s day? Probably because you moved away to Texas, and we keep forgetting the other exists. Outa sight outa mind. But not outa love.

    And that is a cute font.

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