What we’re learning at homeschool

Last week India and I were discussing her bedroom and the new redecoration plans (I’ll resume painting as soon as I finish writing.)  Discussing her massive-amounts-of-Webkinz-all-over-the-bed, to be exact.  There are a lot of them (“No Mom, only 21.”) That’s a lot of stuffed animals on one bed (And a heck of a lot of babysitting money that she’s dropped on animals that are not even very cute.)  She replied that her friend, let’s call her Courtney, has over 35 Webkinz.  I pointed out that Courtney’s parents are going through a rough patch and that they feel bad about it. They hope she’ll feel better if they give her extra toys.  She just got a strange look on her face and said, “but Mom, what if Courtney’s Love Language isn’t gifts*?”

So who cares that we’ve kind of dropped Math from our curriculum (it’s like the blind leading the blind!).  She’s got the relationship-thing down pat.

* Have you still not read the Love Languages book?  I’ve only talked about it 50 million times. Just buy a copy already!

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5 thoughts on “What we’re learning at homeschool

  1. i guess i need to get that book 🙂

    why did you drop math?? did i miss that post?

    good luck on the home schooling!

  2. The Five Love Language — YES!! If I had read that book 35 years ago (although the author was probably about 2 years old then) I would have created happier children, and maybe my marriage and my husband’s life would have been saved. I kid you not! That is probably one of the top 5 life-changing books I have ever read. Go get it girls! (and boys, especially, although most men don’t believe in actually reading anything that might actually make their lives and their wives lives far superior, because if they read such a thing, they MIGHT actually have to admit that all is not perfect now, and they might actually have to make some humbling changes – PERISH THE THOUGHT!!! They prefer to believe they are perfect husbands and lovers just as they are, and anything that threatens that illusion is EVIL! WIMPY! CANNOT BE TRUE! WAS WRITTEN BY A GAY GUY! IS BENEATH THEIR NOTICE, WORLDS WITHOUT END (until their wife has the papers served. Then they may consider a speck of humility, unless a more pliable lady comes along quickly and assures them they are utterly perfect just as they are.)

  3. Oh man. I just had to laugh. India is such a smart, mature girl. Make sure she doesn’t forget how to be a kid! Oh wait, she’s got Webkinz for that. Nevermind.

  4. I literally laughed so loud that I scared the lady in the next cubicle over.

    (don’t forget math altogether! It’s a beautiful thing when properly understood, and it’s on all the standardized tests.)

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