A Brand New Day

I didn’t vote for the guy, but I must say I was pretty jazzed about Obama taking over today.  I hope he does a splendid job and makes this country an even better place to live.  I have to imagine what was going though George Bush’s head as he flew away in the helicopter (“halle-frickin-llujah”).  And, I’m sad to admit, the feeling is mutual.

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9 thoughts on “A Brand New Day

  1. I saw the picture of the Obama’s and Biden’s waving goodbye to the Bush’s helicopter and found the picture quite comical as I was imagining the types of things they could be saying to each other. I think George W has worn us all out and we’re just ready for a new view. I think I’ll just focus on Michelle’s wardrobe if anything starts making me too crazy!

  2. he's okay. if you are cool with him shutting down all the churches and schools and killing the babies….

    who makes up that shi@&&??

    btw, jennie my love–count me as DONE AND DONE for the 72 hour kit stuff!

  3. I feel my blood pressure rising just reading your post and some of the comments… obviously I’m in the minority.

  4. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is that great. The dress she wore to the balls was awful! So 1993. Ok, she’s not as bad as Barbara Bush. But really, I can’t believe all the attention her clothes are getting!

  5. Amen to Michelle’s fashion sense. Time magazine said last week she may be the most fashionable first lady since Jackie. What? Where? How? And again, what’s a “back round?”

  6. For anyone interested in Michelle’s style or trying to find the why in Michelle’s style for the next 8 years, you can get a frequent update at http://www.mrs-o.org/
    The nation chatting about her fashion sense and what she is wearing next is not going to go away, so I am going to join in for some fun and personal critique…

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