Onward with the 72-hour kits

Congrats to all the people who got their clothes and toiletries!  This week we’ll be working on food.  The idea is to get easy, non-cook foods that everybody likes.  You’re going to have to decide what works for you, but I would suggest (if your allergies permit):

Peanut butter-good for energy, satisifies the sweet tooth, and can be eaten straight out of the jar.
Nutritious bars of some sort.  Most granola bars are crap. Pure sugar.  So head over to Costco or Sam’s and start checking the back of boxes.  Get bars that have protein and vitamins.  I bought a bunch of Zone bars because my kids like them and they are filling. Nutrigrain bars get too smooshed and Special K bars are like eating a cloud, they’re so not filling.
Nuts-everyone likes these.  They’re nutritious and filling.
Fruit cups-I like the tin cups of fruit.  Durable and tasty.
Ramen noodles and packs of sweetened oatmeal-You may be able to heat water and make these.  But it’s possible to eat these out of the pack. My kids will eat raw ramen.  Seriously! Just keep in mind that you, your husband and any bigger kids will probably want more than one.  And then times everything by three days.
Once you’ve got it all together, put it in a big ziploc.

We’ll also be getting water. This is a little more difficult.  I just got a big case of smaller water bottles and set it aside in the garage since we have so many people in our family.  The minimum you’ll need is about six water bottles per person (that’s only two per day.)  So figure out how you want to work this.   If you have empty two-liter pop bottles around, one of these filled with water (per person) would work nicely too.

And an additional heads up; we’re going to be making a trip to the Army surplus store next week.  If you’d like to pick up some MRE’s (those little foil meals that last for ten years), those would be great to put in your kit.  I have a few in each of ours.

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5 thoughts on “Onward with the 72-hour kits

  1. My husband also eats the ramen raw? Where does that come from? I mean really who started that? Nice to know that whoever it was, made a little snack for the 72 hour kits.

  2. Already got the Ramen, granola bars and the oatmeal in there – yay for me. My youngest loves the ramen raw too. I also added fruit, and little cans of spag-o’s and veggies that have the pull tops so there’s no need to have a can opener. I also added a roll of lifesavers. Hard candy helps when you need a little treat.

  3. I’m not going to rely on anything that needs cooking. If things are bad enough to need my 72 hour kit, chances are that heat/electricity will be hard to find. So I’ll stick to Tammy’s suggestion of spagettios with pop tops. Also, non-condensed soup from the can can be good cold. I’ll check in later in the week to let you know how I did.

  4. Done! I also went with some canned items with pop tops and the other suggested items. The bags are getting pretty full though!

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