Here’s your birthday present

York is turning twelve tomorrow. I know! I can’t believe I have a boy who’ll be passing the sacrament! Just to make his birthday crappy, he got braces.

He was pretty happy that I took a “during” shot:


Happy Early Birthday York!
He says he wants a Cookie-Cake for his birthday. Some sort of giant cookie sandwich affair. Anybody know what it is?
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8 thoughts on “Here’s your birthday present

  1. Yes, I’ve actually made one before. Just spread your chocolate chip cookie dough out onto a pizza pan. But here’s a warning… don’t spread it all the way to the edge. It grows as it bakes and my first one spilled over the side and all over my oven! Keep about an inch of space all the way around. Luke loved his, and it was much cheaper than buying one from the cookie store. You can also write their name on it with a tube of frosting.

  2. Happy Birthday York! And I love the cookie cake idea– we’re getting a little burned out on cake around here!

  3. Wait a minute Shana! After you bake the huge cookie(s) do you put them together with frosting or ice cream or something in the middle? Or is it just a giant cookie. Either way, sounds great to me. And Jennie DOES make the greatest chocolate chip cookies! (I’d want chocolate frosting in the middle)

    YORK, you are almost a MAN! Way to go! Boppie adores you!

  4. The braces look good on him. You know that there are some people that just don’t look good in their braces, well he is not one of those. He looks really nice.

    I think that you should remind him of what a giant investment you are making by getting him braces for his birthday, just so that he knows that he is loved all that much more. Wow braces as a gift, nice timing.
    I am sure that the cookie will turn out great, I hope that it is a fun day.

  5. I think he carries off his braces very well. Some people look like they have a giant scaffold stuck to their face. But not York!

  6. Now that is one way to make a birthday memorable–a mouth full o’ metal! Of course, it’s one of the more pricey birthday gifts to receive!!


  7. The chocolate chip cookie cake used to be one of my kids favorites–its easy to make and just decorate it with white frosting—-not covered, of course, just the writing, etc.

    One of my favorite cookie cakes, though, is the sugar cookie one—-with cream cheese on it, then fresh fruit—-a LARGE fruit tart!

    Yuuuummmm, love it!

    Happy birthday to the little (er…big) boy!

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