It’s all about the estrogen

Do you have a sister? Do you have daughters?  Then you’d better get on over to Segullah where I’m posting today. 

But you can still read it if you are an only child.  And have a bunch of sons.  Or no children at all.  And are a man.

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5 thoughts on “It’s all about the estrogen

  1. Loved your post…call me to talk about dinner…can we do it on Sat? I think Kellie is bringing tomorrow? excited to be doing to preschool thing with you!

  2. So as I was reading this little article that you wrote I was laughing and wanting to cry at the same time. I have two sisters and I had a surprisingly good childhood with them, I shared a room with my sister Lisa until she left for college. We were actually really really good friends. I too went to see her at school a few times, and then things changed. Some different events happened and now we are not close, it is a sad and crazy bond that sisters have, some for better and some in the worst. I am so glad that it worked out for you and your sister.

  3. Well, Jennie doesn’t have one of those sisters that makes life both miserable and beautiful. Just beautiful. It’s true. Especially her face. Stunning, really.

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