It’s over, in a good way

NaBloPoMo* is over!  It was hard writing every day.  Especially while in a turkey-induced coma that lasted nearly three days.

For all you food storage followers: we will be taking off the entire month of December.  So no canned goods or other sundries until January.  Hopefully you won’t be stone broke by then! Remember that provident living includes staying out of debt.  Your kids really don’t need all that stuff you’ve been thinking about buying for them anyway.

*National Blog Posting Month (one post each day in November.) 

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5 thoughts on “It’s over, in a good way

  1. Phew!

    Although I am adding to the food storage this week. I am buying an extra big (Costco sized) bag of dog food for the pooch.

  2. I had no idea it was National Blog Posting Month! Good little tid-bit. I’m going for the 365 days starting in Jan. I’m going to try and commit to a picture a day. It will be a seperate blog. Wish me luck, cuz I know I’ll need it!

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