If you’re feeling Grinchy

It’s time to start getting ready for Christmas.  I always heave a sigh and think, “already?  Didn’t we just have Christmas a little while ago?”

My favorite way to get in the mood for Christmas is to read all the lovely books I’ve collected over the years.  My absolute favorite is A Small Miracle by Peter Collington.  I originally bought this book about four years ago when a complete stranger came up to me in Barnes and Noble and pressed the book into my hands.  She said, “if you’re looking for a wonderful Christmas book, you have to get this.”  It was such a puzzling thing to do that I couldn’t say no.

The woman was right.  It is simple and powerful.  There are no words in this book.  Even so, it is a very touching story about love and charity and Christ and giving.  So gentle and sweet. I can’t look at it without getting prickly tears in my eyes. The very best sort of Christmas story.


Amazon carries it usually ($10.50 or so), but your local B & N might have it too.  Borders doesn’t carry it. (I scoff at that!)

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6 thoughts on “If you’re feeling Grinchy

  1. yeah, and thanks to you it's now out of stock at Amazon. Did you know you had such influence? I need a new Christmas book–I'll be picking up this one(unless, of course, your recommendation wiped out every B&N as well).

  2. Dang it, and I just ordered some books last night from Amazon! I get used books, also, so maybe they have a few?

    I have a collection of great holiday books, so thats cool to have a new one….thanks for the suggestion.

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