I gave a talk in church today. I wrote it and stuck to the script.  There was no humor to be found. Boring? Most definitely.  But I think I redeemed myself after my testimony fiasco.

How did everyone do buying stew and chili this week?  You have one more day (remember I’m trying Mondays instead.)

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5 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. was it just you giving the talk, or did you and (mister), or did you get to have all of your kids do a little something. I wish that I could have seen it. I don’t think that you could give a boring talk, you are just not a boring kind of girl.

  2. I would totally stay in the chapel if you were speaking. Instead of convincing one of my kids they need to go for a walk!

    Do you have any idea how much chili and stew I have to buy to last all these teenage boys 3 months?

    They can and have gone through a dozen cans in an afternoon.

  3. Well, I didn’t get stew or chili, but I stocked up on lots of canned fruit as it’s on sale for Thanksgiving. I also bought 12 tubes of Jimmy Dean sausage because it was on sale. So, I don’t know if that counts on the good girls list, but I’m satisfied with myself. I’m also really happy I got Jimmy Dean for $2!

  4. Don’t let her fool any of you. She gave an excellent talk. It was not boring… it was good and there’s a difference there you know.

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