20 Q

Do you have the little handheld game called 20Q?  It’s based on the game called 20 questions and is eerily, freakily correct most of the time.  We have one of these floating around our house (actually I think we have two) and every once in a while I have the urge to try to outwit this savvy little orb (usually when I have lots of cleaning to do and a talk to prepare–like tonight!)

Most surprising word that 20Q guessed:
However, I stymied it three times with this:
wheelchair (really!)
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7 thoughts on “20 Q

  1. that thing is very smart. Remember when it guessed nuclear missile???

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!

    Go write your talk.

  2. That things a perfect distraction!

    We may have tried wheelchair, but my kids always want to do stuff like amputation, spit wad, or well you get it.

    You should post your talk for us…

  3. James thought that it would never get something like the ocean or a river, and it came up with a body of water. I was like, umm I guess this thing is a bit smarter than I thought.

    I love this game though. Have you tried Christmas tree? I think that it was correct for that one too. Nobody likes a know it all.

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