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In case you weren’t aware, Disney movies get rereleased every seven years. That means that your window to buy a particular Disney movie is theoretically rather short. Which is why you couldn’t just waltz out and buy Sleeping Beauty until now. (But since Disney is still a greedy corporation they are a little free and loose with the whole seven year thing.)

Since I’ve been raising children we have cycled through certain movies a few times. We have several movies that we owned originally on VHS (apart from rewinding, I sure loved those big. bulky tapes). Now we are getting them on DVD. Some DVDs have just gotten lost, due to their skinniness and ability to get kicked under TV stands and slid between sofa cushions.

At any rate, I’m just becoming acquainted with the laughable feature on newer DVDs called “fast play”. You would think that choosing this option would let you quickly start watching your movie. You would be so very wrong. Instead, this clever and deceptive button leads viewers on a 20 minute tour of all the Disney shows that will be released in the next decade.

So here is your strategy: pick “main menu” and then hit play. All fine and dandy if you are sitting in front of the TV. But if you are in your car and can’t figure out how to select the “main menu” button, so sorry; you will be treated to the entire upcoming Disney oeuvre.

But what am I complaining about? Isn’t the whole point to keep those little zombies in the backseat distracted?

Mission accomplished! Thanks Mickey!
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3 thoughts on “Platinum Edition

  1. Kelly and I discovered the sneaky fast play option on Friday night when we watched the Disney Pixar movie, “Meet the Robinsons,” which I really enjoyed, I might add.

  2. Yes, I get all bent out of shape trying to get the actual movie starting while I’m driving too. Until I remember that they’re just as happy watching the previews as the movie. Oh yeah.

    p.s. I’m part of the Disney Movie Club. Best decision I’ve ever made. 10 new movies for like $5.99. and big discounts all the time.

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