Par avion

On my iGoogle page I have a thing called “Places to See” which is, surprisingly, interesting little scenes of places all around the world.  So far the place that appeals to me most is Seychelles.  It’s a group of islands off the coast of Africa (north of Madagascar).


Second on my list is India.  But only if my sister Arianne goes with me; seeing as how she used to live there and all.

How about you? Where would you like to go?
(c’mon lurkers, don’t be shy!)
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11 thoughts on “Par avion

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. I’ve hear the wool you can buy there is outstanding. Plus, it’s beautiful.

  2. That Madagascar photo looks appealing. I’m hoping to go to Scotland as my next big international trip. Unless the hub happens to go somewhere exciting on business and I can manage to tag along. He just went to India last month for the first time.

  3. The Seychelles look amazing! That’s now on my list. I daydream about going to Greece, Scotland, and Africa. I’m obsessed with Africa. Hubby thinks I wouldn’t do so well, considering I’m kind of a princess about travel, but I’m hoping I’ll be so taken in by the people that I won’t care.

  4. Italy. I want to spend a year in Italy. I would kill for it.

    My dad lived there for 3 years and he has spoken so highly of it.

  5. my list is way too long. Perhaps the hardest part about having 6 kids is that it’s eliminated travel from our budget. whine, whine, whine

  6. Greece has fascinated me of late, and of course, England so I can speak the language. I still could stand the “old stand bys” like France and Italy and Germany. Pretty much anywhere there’s modern bathrooms is on the list. I’m not sure I’m up to 3rd world countries at this point and time. Australia would be a blast I think, and I’ve heard New Zealand is stunning. But for now, I’ll stick to Minnesota… We’ve got 9,980 lakes left to explore.

  7. i would like to go to st. lucia. i have heard it is amazing!! when we went to an island in honduras that was absolutely beautiful…amazingly beautiful…we were told that st. lucia was even prettier. so that is my goal! that and i would love to go to greece!

    i sooo need a vacation!

  8. Dad used to have a sailing calendar on his wall. I used to flip through, looking at all the beautiful tropical places you could sail. And the Seychelles always impressed me the most. Someday. And someday India with you too. And Tahiti, and Bali, and Egypt, and Kenya. And, and, and.

  9. Did you see Globe Trekker last week? Ian (my favorite host) was in the Indian Ocean visiting Reunion Island, Mauritius, and Seychelles. It was amazing! I made Maija watch parts of it, especially where Ian was hanging out with the world’s largest tortoises. Unbelievable!

    I’m with you…vacation in Seychelles! Can we leave our kids at home?

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