I’m an even bigger loser than previously thought

So I ended up doing absolutely nothing about the neighborhood block party last night.  I just instructed everyone in my family to not answer the door between 6:30-8:00 lest it be a neighbor coming to demand their party.

I started to feel rather uncomfortable yesterday when I noticed signs all along the roads announcing all the parties that evening (remember each street was supposed to plan their own get-together to take place on Oct. 7).  And even more uncomfortable at the communal mailboxes* where there were flyers stuck all over the place (“See You Tonight, Elm Street Residents!  It’s going to be FUN! BYOB!”)

I officially tried to crawl under a rock today when I got this email from the lady who is in charge of all of us block captains:

“I trust you enjoyed your block parties as much as I did, It was great getting out and seeing some folks I hadn’t seen in a while, as well as some new faces!

When you get a chance, please shoot me a rough estimate of the number of folks (including kids) that attended. I’d like to get a blurb together for the newsletter. Also, I’ve received a few pics and heard some success stories… If you can take a moment, I’d love to have a little diddy about your street’s night! Thanks so much for everything you do to help make this subdivision a great community!!”

Like I said, I’m a loser.

*those ugly and loathesome reminders of just how lazy our mail carriers have gotten.  I want to see you, Ms. Mailman, in your jaunty blue shorts with your mailbag slung over your shoulder walking from house to house like in the good ol’ days. Or at least driving a cute little USPS jeep from mailbox to mailbox.  I don’t want to see you in your tight jeans, listening to your ipod, driving your Ford Explorer with giant speakers in the back.)

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6 thoughts on “I’m an even bigger loser than previously thought

  1. i am just shaking here at my computer at 4:30 am, hoping i don’t wake up the kids.

    SERIOUSLY!! you kill me.

    but guess what? i would have done the same thing.

    “do NOT OPEN THAT DOOR!!!”

    he he he

    congratulations on taking it down a few notches.

    welcome to the club.

  2. Sometimes we need to have some failures to appreciate our successes, Jennie. You’re not a loser, so stop saying that.

  3. I thought your post might be something about losing weight when I saw the post title…Think of it this way…you didn’t have the block party, thus saving everyone from eating too many munchies, starches and desserts…helping them each to keep their waistlines in tack..possibly leading to a few lost pounds. Now that can be offically called the ‘biggest loser block party.’ It’s all in your perspective.

  4. Not a loser, just real, which sometimes sucks, I know.

    I however have been disappointing people for years and am getting somewhat used to it.

    In fact that’s how I usually introduce myself, “I’m happy to be on this committee, but you should know, I will probably disappoint you.”

    You could wow them with your homemade jam if it’s still important to you.

  5. I can't imagine one more teeny tiny obligation in my life, let alone being a street captain. I'm family captain, homework captain, kitchen captain & bubble captain. Done.

    I'm cracking up reading your post. All of the rest of us would do/have done the exact same thing. And isn't there always one person who has an extra assignment for you? Like there are hours that you're trying to fill and writing a report would be just the ticket! 🙂

    Loser is not the word. Hilarious, smart, adorable… just not loser!

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