I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

I really love rain; I have my whole life. Then I got married and moved to Oregon, and like a candyholic who works in a chocolate factory, I got completely and utterly sick of it. It’s really awful to have children who can’t play outside for months on end (unless you count all the jillions of toothpicks we raced down the gutters).

Living in the semi-arid desert called Utah cured me of that. I began to love rain again. Crave it. Living on the valley floor in Salt Lake we would stand on our back porch and watch the rain move around the area. More often than not the clouds would coyly release a drop or two, then let the rest evaporate.

I was so thrilled to come to Austin where its supposed to rain a decent amount, but is very sunny in the mean time. However, Mother Nature has been very fickle this year and it has hardly rained at all. All during the winter it would rain at night and be sunny during the day. So strange.

But it rained a lot yesterday. And it rained all night. And it’s supposed to rain all day today.

What I would like to do is sit next to the window the entire day and listen to sad music. Because that is the perfect thing to do on a day like this.

(I think we both know that will never happen. But a girl can dream.)

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7 thoughts on “I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with rain, too. I grew up in Southern Cal, and rain was a rare treat. Then I went to college in Houston and got enough rain for a lifetime. Now I like the change in the weather, but not for more than a couple hours at a time!
    That is an awesome shot of the rain on the table, by the way. Beautiful!

  2. I love listening to achingly beautiful music when it rains.

    Have you heard Eva Cassidy? Or Opera is one of my favorites. Crazy, I know.

  3. i love the rain and huge lightning and thunderstorms! i love to sit on my covered front porch at night and watch storms…i love the smell of rain…and i love to stand in it and get soaked – but only in the summer when it’s warm!

  4. I love the photo too. I’m also a big fan of rain too. There’s nothing like an Oklahoma thunderstorm and a say-it-like-you-mean-it rainfall. Texas is close enough to Oklahoma that it feels the same as what I grew up with.

  5. I also love the rain, but what I don’t love so much is that when it rains here it is still as hot outside as if you were in the shower. Ick. I like it to be crisp enough to wear a jacket when it rains. I am still getting used to the warm rainy days of Texas.

  6. I would like a happy medium. Utah is too little, Oregon too much. Austin sounds about right, if it would actually rain like it is supposed to.

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