Murder is not an option

It is 5:11 AM.   My alarm clock should be going off in a few minutes. I have been up for half an hour, though.  Why? Let me give you the transcript:

Mister:  Jennie?  Jennie, are you awake?
Me: [I can hear him and actually think as I’m coming out of a deep sleep, “should I wake up or just stay asleep?  What if he’s freaking out and needs to talk?”  Which happens occasionally. I choose to wake up. My mouth isn’t awake yet, so what comes out is] hmmmph?
Mister: Are the sprinklers on?  I think I hear them.
Me: I don’t know.  Probably.
Mister: I thought you turned them off because of all the rain.
Me: It hasn’t rained in almost two weeks.  So I turned them back on.
Mister: Oh, I was just wondering because I thought I heard the sprinklers.
Me: [my voice becoming agitated and high-pitched]  Did you actually wake me up at 4:30 to ask me about the sprinklers?  Because that is the cruelest thing you have ever done.
Mister: my sleeping pills aren’t working.
Me: no duh!!!!!!!!!

So, do I stay awake and work out and drink an awful lot of caffeine today?  (I was crazy enough to invite a new family over for dinner and Family Home Evening tonight.  They have six kids as well. So I have some cleaning to do.  Plus I have to finish the family room curtains which I started four months ago, but haven’t felt pressed to finish until now. In other words, napping will not be a possibility.)

Or do I try to get back to sleep, which may or may not happen? I may just end up fuming in bed for an hour or so.  

I know I’m supposed to be doing the food storage item of the week, but I’m too mad to talk about that right now.

It’s sugar (5 lbs. per person), in case you are going to the store this morning.  I’ll write more about it later.

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4 thoughts on “Murder is not an option

  1. I’d be peeved too. That was nice of you to invite the family over–I saw you leaning forward during SS to talk to one of them. Good luck with the curtains, dinner, etc.

    Speaking of murder not being an option, I heard on the radio this morning when I was carpooling, that some guy in Spokane just got sentenced to twelve years in prison for attempting to kill his wife. He told her he had set up a haunted house in their garage and that he wanted to show it to her. He blindfolded her and handcuffed her, then told her to step up on a ladder, then he put a noose around her neck, then kicked the ladder away and left her to die. She went unconscious, then he started feeling guilty and got her down. She survived and eventually pressed charges. What a psycho, huh?

  2. Jennie – I feel your pain. My husband often wakes me up early in the morning to chat randomly – and I’m SO not a morning person. However, I do have this amazing ability to carry on a full conversation with him, roll over, and then fall back asleep 🙂

    Kelly – That is an insane story! What a total crazy!

  3. I would have probably gone with the murder option. Someone who wakes me up before it’s time, be it husband, child, or cat, has a serious chance of being killed or at least maimed.

    I got my bathroom supplies this week, hooray! So put me on that list. I also already have my sugar, so you can put me on the upcoming list too. Is 5 lbs per person a year supply? That doesn’t seem like much.

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