If you can make it there

Talk about famous!  My sister-of-a-friend blogger, Stephanie Nielson (the one who got in the plane crash) got a write-up in the New York Times.  The article is about the blogging community that has rallied around her since her accident.  It was in the honest-to-goodness newspaper, not just the online version.  Wow!

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3 thoughts on “If you can make it there

  1. I just read the article. It makes me wish I had been reading Stephanie’s blog before all this. No wonder you did–you seem like you two would get along really well! altough you’re probably more cynical on your blog, your quest for beauty and perfection in your family seems similar.

  2. News flash! Jared was just watching TV in Boise (we dont’ have cable) and called to tell me her family was on the Today Show this morning!!! It’s amazing how she is touching people… so there Mister, blogging isn’t stupid.

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