Just another Saturday

Ike is winding down and it looks like we won’t be getting so much as a drop of rain. There is always a dry zone that goes along with a hurricane, and so far the dry zone is sitting over Austin. I was really hoping that my lawn would get a good soaking.

My kids are watching Johnny Quest right now. This is the world’s most idiotic show. Not only is the animation awful, but the dialog is ridiculous. Here is the conversation that Johnny is having with Race Bannon right now (bloodthirsty Indians have captured his father and are about to offer him as a blood sacrifice to their gods):

“Johnny, what are you doing down by the river? I told you stay by the camp!”

“Race, the Pohos have captured my father. He’s in danger! I have to go find him!”

“Ok, Johnny you can come. Try not to get into trouble.”

Yeah, stay out of trouble, you goofy kid. And try not to get offered to the gods while you’re at it.

I don’t even want to figure out what the relationship is between Dr. Quest and Race Bannon. And where did Hadji come from? What’s his story? It is one strange little show. But all the kids like it. And, lucky us, we have every episode on DVD.

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2 thoughts on “Just another Saturday

  1. So sorry yet another hurricane has let you down. At least you have stellar entertainment lined up. You don’t even have to leave the house if you want,thanks to all your preparedness. BTW, sugar is the only thing I’ve ever consistently had a 3 mos. supply of.

  2. I am super bummed about not getting any rain…on the flip side, I feel super blessed that our house in houston didn’t blow away..so I guess it is a wash.

    BTW, I am good to go for sugar…

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