It’s a call-out!

Before I start our food-storage item for next week, I’d like to know who has gotten their sugar. I have a few people. Who’s been a good girl?

Could I just get a bit of sympathy for a moment. I have broken yet another charger for my laptop (actually, I think this latest one has been faulty since it has been working off and on for a few weeks now.) So now I have to use the kid’s computer. Which is right by Mister’s office. Which means that I’m lucky enough to have him walk by every so often and say, “Wow. Still on the internet.” So entirely hypocritical since he’s parked in from of his computer most of the day, six days a week. But I’m a leisure-user, so that makes me very naughty.

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8 thoughts on “It’s a call-out!

  1. “Honey……, Oh, suga’, suga’…
    Me and my girl—ooooo…”

    I can’t remember the rest of the song…

    Anywho—thanks for doing this food storage thang. My hubbanista just finally got a new job after 6 months or so, and I am planning on getting all the items that you are mentioning—as soon as I get some dinero!


  2. I failed the sugar test. LOL I have a lot but not quite enough and I have no idea how to use honey, so that isn’t on my list of things to buy any time soon. LOL unless you tell me how to use it…I dislike it in it’s natural form. But maybe as a sweetener I can handle it.

  3. I hate when somone is critical of my online time. Especially someone who spends all day on the computer too. Oh and going out to eat every day, sometimes twice a day. Oh and socilizing with friends at work all day long too. Fortunately, he isn’t home all day like yours.

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