This week’s food storage item

This week’s food storage item——>>>>>

Go ahead and feel smug if your name is:

Heather H (in UT)

Stephanie, Arianne, EmmieLew, Devon, Mayor of Crazytown? Any news for me?

Tiffany gets half credit for trying, but her store is a big rip-off so she’s waiting til her next Costco trip. Don’t forget!

We have a newbie:

Heidi (good luck in your food storage quest!)

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9 thoughts on “This week’s food storage item

  1. I did not get the chili, I am running out of room, until my DH gets some storage downstairs. My pantry is getting out of control!!! We’re still waiting for the builders to fix the leaks so we can put something downstairs…so I have to be patient. BUT, I did get a few cans of chili to use, just not the allotted amount.

  2. I’ve got plenty of shortening and oil, but that’s a good idea to get some olive oil. Check that off too. I’m good for this week.

  3. I just got my chili today. And I only got 8 cans, not quite 3 per person. Only 2 per person. do I get any credit for that since my little kids only equal half a person?

  4. I got my fats! Yeay! I had to do my shopping last week before you updated the blog with the item of the week, so I had to get my chili/stew this week. I got it, though! YEAY! My getting-full pantry makes me happy everytime I look in it! Thanks for the much needed kick in the pants on the food storage! 🙂

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