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Remember how I was thinking of homeschooling Finn and India this year? No? Well, I was. But unfortunately I chickened out. or rather, Mister decided that it is just too “weird”. I’m tired of getting into a spat with him, so I just let it slide. i’m going to give this school year a try, but I’m mentally preparing to pull them out at Christmas. Give me that much time to work on Mister and I’m sure he’ll be on board. The nice thing about being married for 16 years is that you know your spouse well enough to convince him of your ideas without him realizing it. I know all the Jedi mind tricks that work on Mister.

We have to get Finn’s dyslexia testing done first and then we’ll be set. India already got her schedule for 7th grade and despite begging and pleading for art, they put her in drama instead. No big deal except she lives and breathes art. So right off the bat she’s already peeved.

This time next week I’ll be trying to convince the kids that although it’s still perfectly light out, it’s time to go to bed. All the better to wake up at 6:45 a.m. I’m kind of looking forward to having a schedule again (we’ve read scriptures twice this whole summer. I blame that on our fluid grasp of time over the last couple of months.) But I’m not looking forward to getting up so disgustingly early. I really like to be showered, dressed and made-up before the children are awake, but if I want to work out in the a.m. that’s going to mean waking up at 5:15. Frankly, I don’t possess the willpower to get up that early. I can tell myself that I will, but I know how it works. At that hour nothing seems vital enough to get out of bed for. Nothing.

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  1. I’ve done homeschool, public school private school and charter school. there is no “right” answer. I’d be happy to chat about it anytime though:)

  2. Oh, wow! I am always impressed with anyone who home schools. You must be extremely organized with lots of energy. I secretly wish I could be a home school momma. I don’t know how they do it. I’m serious! I think it is really cool, a good idea, and I don’t think I could ever do it! Good luck with your quest.

  3. I always wanted to home school my kids, but I knew that they would end up with all the arts and english, and writing, and never any math and only minimal science…

    I could just NOT be focused enough to do what I needed to do WHEN I needed to do it for my kids. So, I just research stuff with them when we are curious about things-thats the extent of my home schooling capabilities!

  4. home school= bad idea….

    but i love you so much that i will get on board if you decide to do it.

    btw, 5:15 am is too flipping early for anyone on this planet to get up. just say no.

  5. Yeah, and that will give you until December to figure out how you want to make home school work for you.

    Nice planning.

  6. Why on earth would they put India in drama if she wants art? It doesn’t make sense. But I think it’s good that you’re giving it another year or even partial year for the kids to see if things work out better when they start at the beginning of the school year and already know some people. A summer can make a HUGE difference socially.

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