In case you hadn’t heard, Texas is hot.  Fortunately I live in central Texas which is much less humid than Houston or Dallas.  But that hardly matters since it’s been so unbelievably scorchy lately.  Usually there are 11 days of 100º + temperatures each summer.  Last year there were three.  This year there have been 42. And it’s only the beginning of August.  Thank goodness for swimming pools.  They’re the only reason we haven’t committed suicide.

Tropical Storm Edouard should be blowing ashore today and hopefully some rain will make it’s way up here.  We’re having a draught too, by the way. 

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8 thoughts on “Hades

  1. I think your share of rain is here, in Vermont! I hope the heat breaks and the drops fall on you!

  2. In the DC area, we always complain about the heat and humidity – but I think it beats icy rain in the winter… Hopefully things will cool off for you!

  3. Is that draught or drought? One is definitely wetter than the other. I personally wish you would come back to Utah.

  4. All the more reason to move back to Oregon! I just finished your tag, it took me a couple days but there you have it. We miss you guys.

  5. Yikes, that is too hot for me!!! As for food storage I have cocoa and chocolate, just no yeast yet.

  6. I had no idea it got that hot there. I thought you had nice balmy (i.e. humid) 80’s all summer. well, I guess winter there makes up for it.

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