Target never ceases to wow me.  Last night as York and I were shopping for supplies for his art class I came across the new skincare line from Boots.  Not only is it so darling, but the lip stuff is actually called Lip Salve.  This is what I have always… Read More

Aaah, the hubris

You know how I mentioned a few days ago that I have such wonderful skin?  Well, due to my bragging I am developing what will surely be one of the decade’s largest zits (everything is bigger in Texas!)  It is still in the subterranean stage, but I can feel it… Read More

Les produits de beauté

I am a bit obsessive about my skin.  I cannot tell a lie, it looks good. Especially for being as old as it is.  I like to make some of my skin care products, others I buy.  The bottom line is that I have a motley assortment of bottles and… Read More