Makeup Monday–The Best Drugstore Concealer

I probably write about concealers more than I write about anything else. Which is because I have two ghastly dark holes in my face. My eyes can be found in there but mostly it’s a shadowy zone that I have been cursing since I was a young pre-teen. Concealers are the one make-up item I will not leave the house without. (Lipstick being the other.)

I’ve written in the past about primers and concealers and things like that but as I get older my needs change.  There is even less moisture under my eyes than there used to be, and the topography has changed (hello, wrinkles!). So here’s what I do now that I’m nicely ensconced in Middle Age:

Mosturize, moisturize, moisturize! I apply an all-over face moisturizer with sunscreen before I do anything. Every single day. It’s the most important thing any woman put on her face.

Then I put another moisturizer under my eyes. I usually use something light (I’m currently using a cream of my own making, so I can’t pass along the name of it) and rub it in gently until it’s pretty well-absorbed.

Then I apply my concealer. As soon as it’s on I apply the power (like, immediately! Within seconds I am applying my powder), pressing it in with a sponge. This seems to keep it from settling in the wrinkles as much. Then I use a big makeup brush to remove the excess powder.

So what is my favorite concealer? Let me just tell you right off that if you have any wrinkles, you need a liquid concealer. Sadly, these don’t cover as well. A cream concealer is going to do a better job at hiding darkness. But creamy concealers love to nestle into lines and make your skin look crepe-y and horrible. Not an issue if you’re 22, but if you’re 45 it’s a major concern.

I have no problem dropping $30 for one little tube concealer if I think it does the job. But then Ulta went and discontinued carrying my favorite in their stores: Cargo HD concealer (You can still buy it online, but that’s a drag what with shipping costs). But I started hearing rumors of a cheapo liquid concealer that covers nicely. So I went back to Ulta and bought my little tube in the palest color (because I always, without fail, wear the palest color of everything) and I gave it a try.

And it was too pale. Like so, so pale. I was shocked because this literally has never happened to me. I went back and tried the next shade darker. Still too pale! I ended up going with the third palest color which is so crazy, I can’t even explain it.

This concealer turned out to be every bit as good (maybe even a little better coverage) than my Cargo HD which costs $28. So what is this amazing new concealer? NYX HD Photogenic concealer. Y’all, it’s $5!

I have found the best selection of colors at Ulta. They carry it at my local grocery store too but it’s always sold out. CVS sometimes has it but Walgreen’s doesn’t carry the NYX brand. Sadly, I have not seen it at Target, although they do carry some other NYX concealers.

It covers nicely (although not as well as some creme concealers. Again, bummer, but what is middle age if not a series of one bummer after another?) but it stays out of wrinkles quite well, especially if you moisturize the heck out of your skin before you put it on.

So if you’ve got some undereye nonsense going, on give this concealer a try and tell me what you think!


I receive no compensation for my review. I bought this with my very own money and Ulta and NYX have no idea who I am.

2 thoughts on “Makeup Monday–The Best Drugstore Concealer

  1. Bless you for blogging again. And I always noticed how youthful your skin looked. You’re much too hard on yourself.

  2. Ooh, thanks for resuming some makeup recommendations. Having specific advice is so helfip for this fellow middle-ager who hasn’t ever learned how to buy or even apply makeup.

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