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I haven’t done much with Makeup Monday in a while because I really haven’t used anything lately that’s rocked my world.

A couple of months ago I went up to Dallas for a conference and as I packed to leave, my kids came in and out of my room a jillion times and completely distracted me. I packed up my makeup bag meticulously and then left it sitting on my bathroom counter.

So I arrived in Dallas with nothing but the lipstick in my purse. My roommate (a total stranger but she ended up being pretty cool) came with me to the drugstore and I did the cheapest recreation of my makeup bag possible. I use about half fancy brands and half drugstore brands normally, but there was no department store nearby so I was left with cheapo choices.  Plus it was kind of fun trying all sorts of new products out.

A couple of things ended up being OK, but I didn’t love any of the products that I bought. Except one:

L'oreal blush

This L’Oreal Visible Lift blush in Nude. It turned out to be the prettiest, most flattering blush I’ve ever used. It really made me feel like I had a healthy, natural glow, not a pile of makeup on my cheeks.

I have to build the color up a little more than I did with previous blushes (I apply it with a makeup sponge), but the color looks so natural and so lovely that I don’t mind. If you are a pale-ish white girl like me, I would highly recommend this blush in Nude. If you aren’t a pale-ish white girl, you are still welcome to try it. I just can’t speak with experience if that color would suit you or not. Let me know if you try it out.


I bought this blush with my very own money and haven’t received any compensation from L’Oreal for this review.

2 thoughts on “Makeup Monday–Blush

  1. Hildie, I’d email you if I could. I know that you’ve been on the look out for a good mascara and I found one that I thought you might like to try. Rimmel Scandal eyes Lycra flex mascara. One application looks natural, 2 coats looks like you’re wearing mascara, 3 coats I imagine could be spidery, but I haven’t tried that many. I haven’t worn it for long but I haven’t had any flaking. I’m really liking their waterproof eyeliners too, especially the 005 Nude for the waterline. Maybe a tiny bit of concealing in the inner corner, too much doesn’t look right though.

    I’ll have to try this blusher, any thing that looks natural and not clownish is a winner.

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