How Are Your Resolutions Going?


I have such a love-hate with resolutions. So often I completely fail at them and then I feel like a loser. But then sometimes–not very often but once in a while–something sticks and actually becomes a habit. And then there are the years I don’t do anything and I feel like I should have at least tried. Who can resist a fresh, new start?

This year I decided on a couple of very tiny goals that have the possibility of becoming greater, but if they don’t it’s OK but at least they’re totally doable.

  1. Get at least 10 minutes of exercise every day but Sunday. I know this sounds like the dumbest goal ever. But I tend to be an all or nothing type-person where exercise is concerned. Either I’m going to a class and sweating through every layer of clothing I have on or I’m doing nothing. There is no in between. But I want exercise to be a part of my daily existence. And I know myself well enough that if I set big exercise goals for myself that I will fail so badly. But 10 minutes? That, I can handle. Except for today. Today was a weird day and my mom was getting ready to fly home and it didn’t happen. But it’s happened all the other days. And all the other days I ended up working out for close to 20 minutes. But just telling myself I only had to do it for 10 minutes made me not so afraid to commit.
  2. Read the scriptures before I can look at any social media. Here’s how my morning usually works: I wake up, go to the bathroom and check out Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and anything else I can think of before it’s time to wake up my kids. Man times I will read my scriptures later on in the morning, but just as often I forget. I don’t even come up with an excuse–It just plum slips my mind. So this way I can’t get distracted. And let me tell you, it is working so well! Not only am I doing my daily study (I’m in the Book of Revelation which has always seemed super weird to me but I got a great book that explains everything and I’m loving the Book of Revelation now!) but I’m spending much less time on Social media in general. I don’t normally have a big chunk of my day to sit around reading all the posts and things so I don’t really get around to it as much. Or rather, as thoroughly.
  3. No Mtn. Dew in 2016. It’s only been a few days so far but I’m doing great! Chances are you hate Mt. Dew and think I’m a lunatic, but I love Mt. Dew with a white hot passion so this is really hard for me.  I do have one exception to the rule: car trips over two hours long. Sometimes staying awake is a good idea.

What are your resolutions for this year? How are you doing with them? Or are you a resolution spurner?

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2 thoughts on “How Are Your Resolutions Going?

  1. M doin’ great this year.
    And um following all three of your Goals
    And um having fun.
    Just having a little trouble with neck pain,the happens during the winter.but um sure I’ll get rid of it very your mails and words
    Thank you

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