Getting my Halloween On

Did you know there are all these people out there who think Halloween is really wicked? That it’s evil? Or something? I don’t know what’s so awful about skeletons (we all have one!), or bats (there is nothing cooler than watching all the bats fly out from under the Congress bridge in downtown Austin. There is nothing spooky about it.) And I hate to tell you but there are no such thing as magic wands. Maybe you’re one of those anti-Halloween people. In that case, avert your eyes because I’ve got some orange and black pom poms that are going to freak you out!*

Halloween mantel

Halloween mantel closeup

I happened to buy a bunch of Halloween decorations before I got my old stuff out and it turns out I have too many decorations now. So I returned a bunch of them and made a mental note to not buy anything next year. Please remind me, OK?

* I really do hate evil, devil-y things. Especially movies. I won’t go near a scary movie for anything. Even movies that aren’t meant to be that scary scare me (I Am Legend gave me nightmares for a week). So if Halloween really creeps you out, I guess I can respect that. But a bloody hand isn’t actually satanic.  And while you’re at it, you might  want avoid Christmas in Austria.

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2 thoughts on “Getting my Halloween On

  1. I love your mantel! I’m thinking I made a bad choice in not getting a fire place just so I have a place to hang things and decorate. But at the time I thought, who really needs a fire place in Texas?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely ADORE Hallowen! It’s my favorite holiday by far. Not for the candy either. I’m not into candy. But for the chance to explore the creepy, the macabre, the gruesome once a year. I get really easily scared and I don’t like it. (I Am Legend scared me for MONTHS, Hildie). So this one time of year, it’s so fun to indulge. Plus, I think most holidays are what you make them. If you start doing devil worship every year on Oct 31st, maybe you’ve got a problem. But just putting up scary decor does not mean you’re the anti-Christ any more than giving loved ones presents at Christmas mean you follow the old Roman pagan holiday of whatever-they-worshiped. I say, decorate away! And if you ever overbuy Halloween stuff and can’t return it, you can send it to me!

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