The Best Broccoli You’ve Ever Eaten

Best Broccoli recipe ever-beehive and

I know what you’re thinking: the best broccoli? That’s like saying the friendliest wasp or the the funnest SAT test. It doesn’t exist.  But it does, mes amis, and it is delicious. And super easy to make. I won’t touch steamed broccoli with a ten foot pole anymore. It’s roasted broccoli or nothing.  So let’s get started. You need three things:

Fresh broccoli, olive oil and salt. (Ok, pepper is good too.)

Roasted Broccoli

First of all preheat your oven to 425º. Then cut and rinse 2-3 bunches of broccoli. I buy precut broccoli but the pieces are always way too big so I cute them up even more.  Make sure to dry the broccoli very thoroughly. I use a salad spinner because why the heck not?

Then throw the broccoli in a shallow pan. Since washing dishes is always horrid, I line the pan with tin foil.

Once you have a big pile of broccoli, pour 3-4 Tablespoons of olive oil over the top.



Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper and toss everything together right there in the pan. I’m very fond of this Mediterranean Sea Salt from Costco but plain old salt works just fine.



Then put the pan in your nice hot oven. Let the broccoli bake for 10 minutes, then pull the pan out, flip the broccoli over with a spatula and put it back in the oven for another 8-10 minutes.  The broccoli should be have lots of brown spots when it’s done. This is what makes the broccoli taste super yum.


Now transfer the broccoli to a serving dish and you’re all done.  The broccoli-haters in your life might be a little gun shy and nervous about trying this; but if there’s anything that will make them like broccoli, it will be this.

P.S. I make tons extra of extra broccoli and use it for lunch throughout the week. It’s great if you’re doing pre-made meals ahead of time.

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